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Charlotte, North Carolina is a promising city of talent, business, and professional black women who have worked hard within their careers and lives to achieve many levels of success.

Recently, The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte has been introduced to social media as becoming a new reality show filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina to be aired Summer 2017. On this show, several women share their experiences of being the other woman or "side chick". The women are glorifying sleeping with men for money and materialistic gains and the positive and negative consequences of being a side chick.

Black females need to regain their place in a society that our ancestors fought long and hard to become a part of. Shows like The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte creates a vision for our youth that behaviors such as sleeping with married men for money or being a "sugar baby" is acceptable. This leads to the destruction of black families and homes and also provides the world with a negative perspective of the black culture.

The men and women behind this show do not need support of the black community. A show promoting violence, adultery, ignorance and prostitution is not what our community needs. Our community should be against promiscuity, infidelity, drug abuse, greed, lust, and supporting women who are classless and money hungry. Members of the cast have children who will eventually see the show and the degradation of their mother being a "side chick". We need shows that promote black marriage, unity, healthy living, and most of all uplifting our black men and children.

The ignorance must stop. Black women of Charlotte should be represented by the many entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, educators, and other individuals that contribute to this city through their hard work ethic, respect, dedication and dignity.

We must put an end to the entertainment that degrades black women and promotes women breaking up families for financial gain or popularity. The women on this show are a bad representation of Charlotte and the black women who work hard to provide for their families.

By signing this petition, let us show the NON-Support for The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte. Charlotte's city leaders will not listen to our voice without the unity and support of the black community!

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