Support a Mothers Fight to save her Daughters Lives

Dr Mitu Khurana is the first mother in India to file a complaint under the P.C-P.N.D.T Act because her husband and in laws did not want her to give birth to her twin daughters. Her case has been highlighted in various national and International media, some of them being-


1.      First episode of SATYAMEV JAYATE

2.WITNESS program on ALJAZEERA channel (

3.2009 Human Rights Reports: India by US government (

4.2010 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – India (


Her case set a precedent for other women to come forward and complain when being forced to abort their own daughters. The P.C-P.N.D.T Act which was passed in 1994, was highlighted when she filed her complaints.  


She is a doctor/pediatrician and she faced immense pressure from her matrimonial family to abort her twin female children. Her experience in fighting for justice for her daughters show the extreme patriarchal attitude of all authorities supposed to help women like her, who want to go against their families and save their daughters.


The Doctor in whose clinic the sex determination was conducted and who is also an accused in the criminal complaint filed by her pending disposal before Rohini District Court, Delhi, was made a member of the committee to review the PC-PNDT Act by the Government of India, fully knowing that he is an accused in a criminal complaint under which cognizance has been taken by the Magistrate against him.

She is still under all sorts of pressures (including judicial pressures) to withdraw her cases and return to her husband. She was forced to resign from a job in a Delhi Government Hospital, after she refused to withdraw her complaints. She has been threatened by many authorities that she will raped and murdered if she does not withdraw the complaints.

Her Husband applied for visitation rights and custody of her daughters in October 2009 , within a week , after cognizance was taken under P.C-P.ND.T. Act against the hospital (when daughters were already 3 ½ years old). The courts granted him the supervised visitation rights (considering the threat to their life). Now Dr Mitu`s husband and others have failed to force her to withdraw my complaints under P.C-P.N.D.T Act, so he has filed a petition that he does not want to visit the children at her father’s clinic and wants to visit them in visitation room in courts- meaning now 9 year old daughters will face the punishment and will have to make rounds of courts for their mothers choice to fight back. The orders have been passed that her 9 years old daughters will appear in courts twice every month, notwithstanding the threats to thier lives.

Her witnesses are being threatened and intimidated in the open courts. The accused have filed application to make a witness Mrs Bijayalaxmi Nanda as an additional accused.

Despite Hon`ble Supreme court of India`s strict instructions that all courts should dispose off the cases under P.C-P.N.D.T cases in 6 months w.e.f 04/03/ 2014, the matter is stayed against 2 accused (ex-party) by High Court, and the trial against all other accused is being carried out. Means the entire process will be redone when the High court removes the stay against these two accused also.

All her letters to various authorities, ministers have gone unanswered.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Union Minister For Women & Child Development
    Maneka Gandhi
  • Prime Minister of India
    Shri Narender Modi
  • Minister of Women and Child welfare
    Mrs Maneka Gandhi

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