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END the Dolphin Breeding Program at the Indy Zoo


The Indy Zoo dolphin breeding program is NOT working. Since 1993 their dolphins have been pregnant time and time again, with heartbreaking results:  25 births with only 3 surviving - or a 12% success rate. How can anyone be OK with this?  At what point will someone step in and stop this epic failure? Facilities claim that dolphins are in captivity for educational purposes. They claim that by having them they are able to study dolphins, as well as teach the public how dolphins live in the wild, thus helping the public to better understand and care about them. How can this facility teach the public about dolphins, if they themselves do not understand them? How much longer will they put these dolphins through this heartache before they realize IT IS JUST NOT WORKING??? 


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  • CEO, Indianapolis Zoo
    Michael Crowther

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