End standarized testing requirements in Georgia before the fall.

End standarized testing requirements in Georgia before the fall.

February 6, 2022
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Started by Kenneth Jenkins

On January 31st, 2022, several students from Metro-Atlanta were notified by the ACT that a box of tests, originating from their testing center, had been lost in the mail. This box potentially contained hundreds of tests taken by students and college hopefuls, who now fear that their hopes for college might have been crushed. Especially as most state scholarships in Georgia still require test scores in order to qualify. I was one of the affected students. And the ACT has made no effort in helping any student affected besides providing us with a refund, free test retake, and a template to email schools on the ACT's behalf from our email addresses.


Possibly hundreds of students in the Atlanta-Metro area may be at risk of losing scholarships or admissions to universities, due to a mistake that they had no control over.


Last year, the University System of Georgia's State Board of Regents announced that all applicants for the Spring 2022 application season would need to submit standardized test scores to public universities. This came after the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted both the massive inequalities in our education system, and the glaring issues with standardized testing. This is despite the fact that most state scholarships already have course rigor requirements to make sure that students do not get a scholarship by coasting through their high school classes.


Georgia stands out as one of the only states to have fallen back on standardized testing, as many states and colleges/universities have eliminated their testing requirements.


The College board, the 'non-for-profit' responsible for the SAT, and the ACT inc (also a 'non-for-profit'), has done little to nothing for students, and are almost universally hated by both students and teachers alike. These corporations profit off of students by selling them test preparation equipment, and charging outrageous prices to send scores to colleges and universities who receive them electronically.


This was demonstrated in 2018-2019 during the college admissions scandal, which almost entirely revolved around the forging of test results by the rich and powerful in order to gain admissions to our country's finest academic institutions.


On February 3rd, 2022, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and attempted to be a leader in my community after hearing my friends tell me of the same issues, by reaching out to the press about this issue. And on February 5th, my story aired on the local Atlanta news channel Fox 5. However, I still do not feel that this brings to light the issues present with the state of Georgia's over reliance on standardized testing.


Here is what this petition seeks to both bring light and accomplish:

  1. Abolish standardized testing requirements in Georgia.
  2. Highlight Georgia's over-reliance on standardized testing.
  3. Form a movement in order to show support for the abolition of standardized testing in Georgia.
  4. Overhaul Georgia's scholarship programs so more students can obtain them and avoid a long life of student debt.
  5. Attempt to get a immediate pardon, or extension for students affected in this outrageous screw-up by the ACT.


For more information about the massive flaws with standardized testing, and why they are ineffective at measuring a student's ability to succeed in University, I personally recommend you check out The National Center for Fair and Open Testing's website.


Please note: I have no affiliation with any outside organization or any organization mentioned in this petition, and decided to make this petition under my own free will and my constitutional rights.


This petition made change with 61 supporters!

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