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End slave-labour conditions in New Zealand waters

New Zealand companies allow the systematic abuse of fishing crews on boats they charter, and face no consequences. The conditions are close to slave labour.

Crews like those on the Mellila 201 and the Oyang 70 endured abusive working conditions every single day; cramped quarters, long shifts, appalling hygiene, no basic health and safety, and physical abuse. For this they still have not been paid.

NZ companies take no action and face no consequences because NZ law does not extend to the foreign boats they charter - even if the boats are in NZ waters. And yet New Zealand claims a clean, ethical reputation.

A recent Ministerial Inquiry has criticised NZ's lack of responsibility. The Inquiry gave a number of recommendations that will stop the abuse. The most important of these is recommendation 12 which will bring boats working for NZ companies under the operation of NZ law.

Please sign this petition telling John Key and Phil Heatley - the New Zealand Prime Minister and fisheries spokesperson - that NZ fish should taste great. Slave caught fish doesn't. End the abuse New Zealand companies profit from. Adopt recommendation 12.


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