You Can Make History - Stop the unethical Canadian Seal Hunt

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Every year hundreds of thousands of harp seals, hooded seals and grey seals are ruthlessly murdered in Canada. Most harp seals are murdered under the age of 3 months old. During the seal hunt, companies like PhocaLux International & Northeast Coast Sealers Co-op will target baby seals who have just been weaned from their mother's milk, but aren't yet old enough to swim. The hunters inhumanely shoot the baby seals with shotguns, or club and impale them with sharp picks. The Canadian & provincial governments subsidize the hunt with tax money. Only 1% of people in the provinces earn income from this, which could easily be replaced, as they only earn an average of $20 per baby seal pelt. Over 35 countries including Russia and the EU has banned the import of seal products as inhumane. It is time for Canada to ban this outdated industry. Show leadership during our 150 birthday Canada and stop this barbaric and useless hunt!