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Petitioning CEO, ARAMARK UK; Andrew Main and 2 others

End poverty pay for contractor workers at the BBC


Many workers at the BBC are still paid poverty wages - little more than the Minimum Wage and well below the London Living Wage of £ 8.55. 

These workers are not BBC staff but are employed by multinational companies such as 'Johnson Controls International' and 'Aramark', who turn huge profits by squeezing workplace conditions to little over the minimum allowed by law. Many do not receive extra payment for working anti-social hours, such as long days, weekends and night shifts. Furthermore, regular staffing cutbacks mean they are often taking on even heavier workloads.

Many of these workers will be well known to BBC staff as they provide important services and support functions that are essential to the smooth running of all parts of the Corporation - such as Catering staff, Cleaners, and Porters, etc. A good number of these were formally employed by the BBC before they were discarded in the name of `contracting out'. 

Following Union pressure, the BBC has promised to ensure that salaries for these workers are increased when new contracts are tendered, but this is too late for staff who can find it impossible to make ends meet. 

BECTU, the Media and Entertainment Union representing staff at the BBC, are calling for Aramark and JCI to treat their workers with dignity and pay them at least the London Living Wage. 

To support low paid workers at the BBC, please sign our petition.


Letter to
CEO, ARAMARK UK; Andrew Main
Vice President, Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions Guy Holden
Director, BBC, HR CC Lucy Adams
Dear Andrew and Guy,

Too many staff working for Johnson Controls and Aramark at the BBC are paid poverty wages, well below the amount that experts calculate is enough to live on. Many do not receive extra payment for working anti-social hours, such as long days, weekends and night shifts.

We are writing to ask you to pay your employees at the BBC at least the living wage of £8.55 an hour in London and £7.45 outside.

This not a fortune, but it is enough to make sure that your workers and their families can live free from poverty. Paying staff a Living Wage is beneficial to employers, as research has shown an increase in productivity and a decrease in sickness absence from workers who are paid fairly.

The hard work of your employees at the BBC helps your companies to generate millions of pounds in profit each year. Without the efforts of cleaners, porters, catering workers and more the BBC, and your businesses, could not function. Please recognise their contribution by agreeing to pay all staff at least the Living Wage.

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