End outrageous tax exemption for hunting groups

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Fox and hare hunting groups are currently enjoying tax exemption because Revenue Commissioners consider the terrorisation and killing of Irish wildlife to be a "sport".

Former Finance Minister Michael Noonan said that groups promoting fox and hare hunting are "entitled to a tax exemption" under a section of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 which deals with "bodies established for promotion of athletic or amateur games or sports".

The Minister outrageously claims that the "ordinary meaning" of sport includes activities such as hunting and therefore hunts can benefit under Section 235 of the Act.

Please join us in calling for hunting groups to be rejected due to the fact that they do not fall into the categories of athletic, amateur game or sport. We want the Finance Minister and the Revenue Commissioners to recognise that terrorising and killing animals is not a "sport" or "game" and to reject applications for tax exemption from hunts.

The Revenue list of tax exempt groups contains eight hunts (as well as a number of animal shooting clubs). The hunts are: Carbery Hunt, County Limerick Hunt, County Roscommon Hunt, Fingal Harrier Hunt, Laois Hunt, Shillelagh And District Hunt, Island Hunt and United Hunt.