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End of suffering for cats and cat lovers!

This is the only way to stop the cycle of killing of hundreds of thousands of cats each year. If the above two strategies were implemented consistently over the period of 3-5 years there would be no overpopulation of cats and therefore no unnecesary killing of cats in the shelters and even on our roads! The shelters would change their profile and there would be no need for so many shelters to exist. Pet owners who want to allow their cat to have kittens or to breed should have to obtain a special licence. Concession programs should be introduced for low income pet owners while fines should be payable for non complying. Also registration fee payable to the Councils for pet registration should be phased out. This change should start with the cats as there are many more cats killed in the shelters than dogs. Subsequently the practice should be discussed and implemented for dogs and dog owners too.

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  • Parliament of Victoria
    Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Peter Lindsay Walsh, Lyn White, Adam Band, Simon Corbell, Joe Ludwig

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