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End Dog Breed Discrimination.

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A dog can be trained to be nice and calm, or to be an attacker. It is the fault of the human who trains the dog as to whether or not it will learn good or bad behavior, and thus be a threat to humans in its community. Living in a state, city or private property where you are forced to give up your beloved pet can be devastating. Pets become part of your family. Having to give up a family member just because how he or she looks, even though they haven't done anything wrong, should not be allowed. 

The city and county of Denver, Colorado has had a ban on pit bull breeds for the past two decades, and continues to maintain the opinion that any dog that physically resembles a pit bull should be impounded and either sent to live out of Denver county, or put to sleep. There is an estimated half a million pit-bull type dogs are killed each year in shelters across the US. In the areas where certain breeds are banned, about 80% of all dog attacks are reported to be well trained and behaved family dogs. Please reference this chart that shows how few of the dog bites in Denver were actually the result of pit bulls.

By signing this petition we bring to light the need to educate our government officials about breed discrimination (BSL). It is important to make irresponsible dog owners accountable for the behavior of their dogs. Owners who have trained their dogs in a proper manner are experiencing intolerance from the bad reputation their reckless peers have bestowed upon them. This means that owners who have trained their pets well are not being allowed into certain states or residences and we need laws to protect them.

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