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End Muzzling Legislation for Non-racing Greyhounds - Victoria, Australia

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The Greyhound Equality Society and concerned members of the public worldwide are calling on the Parliament of Victoria to follow other states in Australia by putting an end to the strict muzzling requirement for non-racing greyhounds in Victoria. This petition supports the current E-petition and Paper-petition that almost 4,000 Victorians have already signed.

Australia is the only country in the WORLD (apart from Northern Ireland) where the muzzling of non-racing greyhounds is required. The law is outdated, discriminatory, and severely impacts the re-homing prospects for these gentle dogs once their racing days are over. In Australia, we are seeing more and more greyhound puppies surrendered to private rescue groups, and these pups, despite never being trained to race, are also subject to the muzzling laws.

The 'exemption' to walk a greyhound muzzle free via the industry owned Victorian Greyhound Adoption Program is arduous, stressful, inaccurate and involves a 4-night kennel stay to 'test' if the greyhound is suitable. It is also the ONLY organisation in the entire state of Victoria to legally issue a muzzle exemption, whereby successful dogs are legally bound to wear a registered 'green collar' when outside their home or private property. ALL companion greyhounds without 'green collars' are required to wear a muzzle in public, despite not having committed any offence. These dogs and their owners are often the victims of attack by other off-leash dogs and left completely defenceless to protect themselves while the greyhound has to wear a muzzle. 

There is enough legislation within the Victorian Domestic Animal Act to remove the breed-specific and superfluous legislation relating to companion greyhounds. Greyhounds would still be required to be under effective control at all times, like any other dog.

It is time that this Government remove the archaic law that has stifled this magnificent breed into becoming one of the most popular and sought after companion animals in Australia - because against all odds, greyhounds make amazing pets.

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