End Mural Moratorium: Art Is Not A Crime

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End Mural Moratorium: Art Is Not A Crime

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the L.A. City Attorney’s office and

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Started by Piper Severance

UPDATE: On October 12th, Saber presented this petition with over 6000 signatures to the Los Angeles City Council. It was a packed meeting and I want to thank everyone who showed up to voice their support. As the city works on new language for the municipal code, we want to keep that pressure on! This petition will stay open and we will be presenting updated copies to the city as it works through the drafting of the new code. Ask everyone you know who believes that #ARTisNOTaCRIME to sign this petition and together we will #EndMuralMoratorium!


Los Angeles used to be known as the "mural capital of the world." But that may no longer be true if the city's crackdown on public art continues. 

Changes to the city's municipal code in the last decade mean that murals are now defined as signs, so that there is a needlessly complicated and costly approval process. As a result, the city has issued no new mural permits at all since 2007.

City officials and police also harass artists and fine the building owners who give them permission to work. Private companies that specialize in graffiti removal have actually broken onto private property to remove art from public view —the city is spending millions of dollars on this beige painting program.

Art in the public space is necessary for a healthy visual environment, a counter balance to grey walls and endless advertising, and a huge part of what makes LA's streets so vibrant.

My friend SABER, a promient LA mural artist, is protesting this city's policies against public art. Watch the video of his skywriting protest at City Hall.

Murals are not signs and art is not a crime! If you agree, sign the petition to tell Mayor Villaraigosa and the L.A. City Attorney’s office to end the mural moratorium now.

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This petition had 6,382 supporters

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