End Intersex Surgery at Lurie Children's Hospital

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Intersex people (roughly 1-2% of the population born with sex-traits not easily categorizable as completely male or female) should no longer be subjected to unnecessary "cosmetic" procedures such as surgeries meant to change the appearance or sexual function of an infant's genitals e.g. clitoral reductions, removal of functional testes, and vaginoplasties. Such surgeries should be delayed and only done with the full informed consent of the intersex patient, and Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, IL should become the first hospital in the United States to end unnecessary cosmetic intersex surgeries and forced hormones. The United Nations has called these unnecessary procedures "human rights violations", three former surgeon general's have come out against it, the State of California just passed an intersex affirming resolution, Human Rights Watch released a detailed report and the American Academy for Family Physicians (AAFP) just published a new policy calling for an end to intersex surgery! Intersex activists and allies have been fighting for bodily autonomy since the early 1990s and the medical establishment has yet to produce one shred of evidence to support their protocol of early surgical interventions on intersex kids' genitalia and reproductive organs. Together, we need to demand that Lurie Children's--a respected leader in it's field--be brave and become the first to #EndIntersexSurgery!