End Institutional Child Abuse: Dismantle the Troubled Teen Industry

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The "Troubled Teen Industry" consists of a series of conversion camps, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment programs among other programs that claim to assist teenagers with behavioral, mental, emotional and other psychological issues. There is little state or federal oversight for these programs, hence the "underground" system that commonly relies on the abuse and silence of children to continue.

Many of these children are taken in the middle of the night unwillingly and sent to these programs/facilities, where they are often abused in some form (psychologically, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.). Behavior Modification often includes shaming/blaming, fear tactics and "attack" therapy, physical labor and abnormal/extended punishments under the premise of treatment. 

Please sign this petition to get these programs investigated and/or banned! They leave lasting trauma on the survivors and are outright examples of institutional abuse.