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End Human Rights Abuses in Tobacco Fields

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While concern about tobacco use is often in the news, concern about tobacco farmworkers is not.  Yet sub-minimum wages, corrupt labor contractors, decrepit housing , and serious health risks, including that of death by heat stroke, are common for tobacco farm workers in North Carolina and the South. This is a tragedy and moral disgrace hidden from the eyes of most Americans. At the top of this exploitative labor system sit some of the world's largest and most powerful tobacco companies, such as Reynolds American, Inc. 

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (FLOC), which represents thousands of farmworkers in the Midwest and the Southeast, has sought to begin a dialogue with Reynolds American to end the human rights abuses in their supply chain.  But the company has refused to even meet with them

On March 1st, 2011, Daniel M. Delen became the new CEO and President of the company. FLOC calls on Mr. Delen to engage in a dialogue with the farmworkers that toil in his company's supply chain and help find real solutions to the very real problems that face tobacco farmworkers in the Southern U.S. Tell Delen to work with FLOC to end human rights abuses in his company's supply chain. .

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