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This is important because,
1.Carcinogenic horse meat will become a public health risk.
2.Tax payers won't have to foot the bill for a foreign country.
3.Horse breeders will have to breed more responsibly.
4.Horse owners will not have to fear kill buyers anymore.
5.It will effectively end the brutal torture and immense suffering of all the horses sent to slaughter.
6.horses brought us here and carried us through time, they sacrificed for us, loved us and fought our battles, and how do we return the favor? by slaughter pain and suffering. that is not how they deserve to be treated.

Letter to
Right Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada The Candian Government,
slaughter Canadian slaughter houses
selling horses Canadian livestock markets
End horse slaughter in Canada. I am making this petition to help stop horse slaughter in Canada. It is very important to me because they are looked after in cruel and unnecessary. Most of the time the horses are almost 100% healthy, and are all good horses. If we can ban horse slaughter from Canada or even only certain towns and cities it would make a difference. It is dangerous to sell horse meat because you can almost guarantee that every horse has had a medication at least once in there life that is not supposed to be consumed by humans. Medications such as aspirin for horses and dewormers. Please stop the slaughter houses from killing one more innocent soul.

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