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Every time a horse is raced his life is put at risk, horses who are involved in serious accidents are killed. Many who are too slow to race end up in slaughterhouses and are used as food. Many others who sustain racing injuries are deemed unprofitable and are discarded by this cruel trade. We call on the Minister to end this animal violation based on the vast cruelty that is inherent in Horse Racing. While these fatalities are described as ‘freakish’ ‘sad’ and ‘regrettable’ the number of injuries and deaths is rising because horses are raced and made jump. There is immense suffering involved in this so called sport that is veiled by its glamorous façade. Sport for who we ask? Definitely not the horses that are whipped around the courses, many resulting in injuries and deaths, an unknown tally killed in slaughterhouses when they are no longer winning.
Commercial horse racing is a ruthless industry motivated by financial gain and prestige.