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End Free Trade Now

      In order to get our "Hard Working Americans" back to work we must end "MFN" status to China,get out of the WTO end NAFTA and CAFTA.I am fed up with my intelligence being insulted.By putting Tariffs on all Imports we would create a Demand in the USA and start "Entrepreneurism" ----------------- thus putting our Hard Working Americans back to work paying their Fair Taxes and Stimulating the Economy by purchasing Durable Goods labeled Made in the USA. -------------- Our Country is on it's way to Feudalism. --------Until our Legislators are ready to stand up and End all Free Trade Legislation and put Tariffs on all Imports our Country is doomed."End Free Trade Now" should be a Slogan used by the Party that wants to show "We the People" that we get it and we do not want Free Trade anymore.Greg Timmons,Parlin,NJ 08859

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    Cory Booker

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