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End Fracking Now

How would you react if the water from your faucet, the very same water you use to drink, could be set on fire by match? Every day, people across America face this issue. The water they are using and drinking has been contaminated by chemicals. How do these chemicals enter the water? The process of hydraulic-fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, uses toxic chemicals to pull natural gas up from the ground. These chemicals pollute the water used, which is then released back into nature through evaporation or disposal of the water, and seep into nearby groundwater wells, thus contaminating the water sources of people and animals living close to the fracking facilities.
Hydraulic-fracturing has other major repercussions. Results of a US Government study, backed by the scientific community, have confirmed a link between fracking and the increased risk of earthquakes. Fracking has more environmental damage due to the construction of the drills and facilities.
Overall, fracking has negative impacts on both our health and the environment, and we must take a stand to end it. Please help Congress realize a law to protect the American people and environment needs to be in place, a law that bans the harmful process of hydraulic-fracturing.

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