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Why this petition matters

Started by Cheryl Ryder

I am writing this petition for a very dear friend of mine and many other friends, family and supportive members of the community.  Jeffrey Martin Ryder T26376 is serving a Mandatory Minimum 25 years to life in prison without parole, on Florida's 10-20-Life law. Jeff Ryder is so much more than a Florida DOC number. Jeff has many family members and friends of over 30 years who have stood by his side. Some of them are people that have not even met Jeff, but respect him for the man he is. 

The Incident:

Jeff was living the american dream; great job, house, truck, fiance. He went to school in Houston, Texas to learn commercial diving and nondestructive testing. 

He went to work immediately after graduation for a nuclear power plant as an inspector working for large companies as General Electric, Raytheon and the National Inspection Corporation. Jeff had to be cleared by the FBI before every job. When work was slow, Jeff worked in our home town of Oldsmar, Florida as a foreman for 7-M Construction putting up metal buildings. He had crews of up to 20 men under him. 

The night of August 12, 2000 Jeff reacted out of fear to protect his fiance and himself. In a split second his entire world changed. Jeff is not denying it happened, it was just an absolute horrible mistake that he has to live with for the rest of his life.  He has full remorse for his actions for that night both for the victim and his family. We have talked about reaching out to his victim but Jeff is not sure how to approach the situation.

Jeff will have served 19 years on August 12, 2019. During his time in prison, he has been a respectable prisoner, no trouble or violence. He has completed 25 classes earning certificates.  He also volunteered to help other inmates struggling with the pressures of prison, by teaching self help techniques to release stress. He keeps to himself and focuses on growing closer bonds with family and friends for support and  love.  This is Jeff's first time in prison.  He stood firm and believed in the judicial system, he did not take a plea. He protected his fiance and he believed the jury and judge would see the truth. Unfortunately, they saw a perfect example for Florida's new 10-20-Life law. Jeff is filing a commutation of sentence.  Please look at the man who stands before you. If he was not worth fighting for a second chance do you believe that he would have the support of family and friends for 20 years?? Jeff has paid his time for the night of Aug.12, 2000.

He has a large support group, has a release plan with a job lined up and a safe stable home to go home to. Jeff is a leader and always has been. He will be a productive member of society.  Hopefully he can inspire someone else in this world to become a better person. I know when I was at my lowest point.  Jeff was right there every step of the way supporting me, caring, listening and understanding. He inspired me to get back into life for real not to just exist. 

I am honored to call Jeffrey Ryder my friend. 

Please sign Jeff Ryder's petition to go home after 20 years. Please give Jeff his one second chance.  

Everyone who knows Jeff agrees, he will grow and thrive in life and the community. His release will not be a mistake. 





1,499 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!