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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 1 other

End dumping more bucks down the black hole of military spending.

We need every penny we can scrounge up for repairing our biosphere, instead of spending atrocious amounts more on further destruction. 12/10/10 ---UPDATE --- This petition will remain open for as long as this is an undecided issue.
A couple days ago, "This poll has closed but you can still comment, below."
Great work on the poll everyone, THANK YOU!!!! you did it! --- in about one week, outvoted the opposition. Special thanks to all those who networked this on FaceBook and other places! 

Starting from behind, on 11/28/10 at which time the 'NO' votes were at 284, ~22% and the  'YES' votes were at 706, ~78%   
12/07 total new votes since our campaign began 680no:22yes 
which is an overall average of a little less than 31no's to each new yes  
56.5% : 43.5% 

TOTAL 944no : 728yes out of 1,672 total votes  
Wonder if they would have left the poll open longer if the numbers had been going the other way???

To add a comment, you can go directly to:
The article can still be read here:

Special thanks to all recruiters! Great job!!!!


Targeting Congress as it is in charge of military spending allocations.
Cannon Air Force Base would very likely not read this petition below. 
However, flooding them with emails will give them a big message if you are motivated to try the email addy directly --- to: Larry van der Oord, Capt, USAF  --- .  
It would let them know that word is getting out beyond the local protest campaign.
They have already read this letter  below when I sent it during the local comment period. and it is on the record.

Their response:


----- Original Message -----
From: Vanderoord, Laurence Capt USAF AFSOC 27 SOW/PA 
To: Ani
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: Emailing: LATN COMMENT Oct - Nov 2010

Thank you for your comments regarding the Low Altitude Tactical
Navigation (LATN) proposal.  They have been recorded and will be
forwarded to the agency handling the Environmental Assessment.  The U.S.
Air Force is still in the very early stages of the LATN proposal, and
the social and environmental impacts of the proposal will be carefully
considered before any possible implementation.

Please continue to check the right-most column of our website,,  for the most updated info on this topic.

Thank you,

Larry van der Oord, Capt, USAF
Chief, 27 SOW/PA
COMM: 575-784-4131
DSN: 681-4131


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration"
~ Nikola Tesla
RESONANCE - in this case, resonance v. dissonance, discord, disruption, disturbance, destruction.


1. Sleep deprivation due to noise pollution for people and animals who live in the night-time fly-over area. Loss of sleep impacts health. Lack of health impacts the economy. A sick economy cannot sustain military development.
2. ALL Life biorhythms upset by light, noise and intense, destructive vibrations which do not resonate in tune with VITAL LIFE patterns. Sound can be used as healing therapy. Sound can also be used to DISRUPT health. What kind of "security" does the military offer when it pollutes our global biosphere, when it is not accountable to LIFE, when it intrudes on peaceful areas?
3. Air pollution from engines which undermines the quality of our locally produced food and further disrupts the biosphere.
4. Waste of tax money - $22,000 per three hour training session. These funds would be more advantageously spent on energy alternatives, environmental repair, and developing LOCAL sustainable organic agriculture/food production/distribution. As structured at present, the military cannot "fight" the collapse of the biosphere since the military is geared to DESTRUCTION rather than finding viable solutions to real Life survival problems. Further military development and spending means that there would be nothing left to "defend" by the time they have fully implemented/deployed their wasteful and destructive forces. Waste of resources and funds has tremendous environmental impact because it impoverishes the entire world and limits what we have to spend on saving our planet.
5. People paying rising property taxes in order to fund the undermining of the worth of their properties? one of which is the PEACE and QUIET of the current environment. “Security?” Ya gotta be kidding!

Where is anyone in the world besides the super rich going to get the money and resources to be able to clean up all the war messes and implement solutions to REAL problems if we continue to dump it into things like disturbing our quiet mountain communities in Southern CO and Northern NM for 3 hours every weekday night with HIGH NOISE POLLUTION training fly-overs suggested in the US Air Force's Low Altitude Tactical Navigation Area Proposal? CV-22 Ospreys, C-130s overhead in the Dark is not a way to create security. The CO$T in itself is enough to cause a fresh epidemic of insomnia due to FINANCIAL INSECURITY. This in turn causes mental and physical health "challenges" across the board. Is this 'War as Security' View some kinda joke? Or are our so-called "leaders" irrational?

The military is destructive. That is its purpose. To think that it could "train" for the purpose of destruction in this manner which does not go with the FLOW of LIFE necessities is to demonstrate a lack of understanding of what LIFE needs for security and indicates extreme unawareness of the ubiquitous ramifications of the military's actions. When there is such lack of awareness there can be no integrity or accountability. Lack of integrity has enormous negative environmental impacts. Science is not needed to see this, merely COMMON SENSE, a characteristic of which the military has yet to demonstrate. So do we now have to waste money on an Environmental Impact Study in order to prevent more environmental damage rather than spending it on things that so obviously need cleaning up, fixing, development?

Instead of disrupting peaceful communities, I suggest that the military combine its training with humanitarian ops. Fly vital necessities to mountainous countries suffering deprivations as a result of wars perpetrated by the rich and powerful. This would at least somewhat counterbalance the destructiveness and wasteful expense that this kind of training entails.

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
~ Albert Einstein

Thank you for listening and giving Life's needs primary consideration,