End Data Exploitation, Tracking, Use of Facial Recognition During Protests

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Personal data can easily be exploited by law enforcement, BigTech, and others. Black lives are impacted more from data exploitation due to systemic racism. For instance, there is a long history of Black bodies being tracked by governments since the slave trade so the use of location tracking, facial recognition, and other covert surveillance tactics that involved exploiting consumer data needs to be regulated.

It doesn't help that Facial Recognition algorithms are notoriously inaccurate when identifying Black people anyway, thats all the more reason why they should not be used: 

"When the person in the photo is a white man, the software is right 99 percent of the time. But the darker the skin, the more errors arise — up to nearly 35 percent for images of darker skinned women, according to a new study that breaks fresh ground by measuring how the technology works on people of different races and gender." Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy; New York Times

We ALL need a Federal Data Privacy law in the US... lives depend on it, especially Black lives. We all should have the freedom to protest without the fear of being tracked or misidentified by facial recognition. A Federal Data Privacy law would prevent this. 

It's IMPERATIVE that lawmakers enforce a federal privacy law that:

  • Limits length and what specific consumer data is accessed during national and local states of emergency, particularly by law enforcement agencies;
  • Enforces a universal data standard so that consumers have access to all their data in ONE data file;
  • Ensure that consumers can also easily access, download, and/or electronically transfer their data file to or between services of their choosing;