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End Dangerous and Expensive ICE Collaboration in Cook County

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Our broken immigration enforcement system is separating families, making our communities less safe, and costing local taxpayers nationwide.

One way ICE foists costs onto local law enforcement is through immigration "detainers." ICE detainers force local jails to bear the costs of immigration detention, and ICE often uses these holds on people who haven't even been convicted of a crime. Detainers erode trust between immigrants and police, and in Cook County Illinois alone these unnecessary holds cost local taxpayers 15.7 million dollars a year!

That is why the Cook County Board, States Attorney Alvarez, and Sheriff Dart are working to pass an ordinance that would require the federal government to reimburse Cook County for the “holds” on undocumented immigrants. If passed, Cook County will not honor these holds until there is a plan for re-reimbursement.

This ordinance could help stop millions of precious local taxpayer dollars from being wasted on the separation of many families. However, it can't pass without the support of County President Preckwinkle, Sheriff Dart and States Attorney Alvarez.

Anti-immigrants are already trying to distort the truth about this ordinance! We need to make sure that their voices aren't louder than ours by sending letters to thank Preckwinkle, Dart, and Alvarez right away for their support for ending this unfunded mandate.

Sign the petition to send an email to them immediately, thanking them and asking them to keep fighting until the bill is passed and implemented fully! Together we can make Cook County safer.


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