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End Corrupt UC Berkeley Official Diane Leite

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As a tuition/fee paying student, it irks me to think about corruption within university administration. And alas, the headline appeared to me this past week when (now former) UC Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Diane Leite was only demoted in rank and pay despite giving several undeserved raises to purchasing manager Jonathan Caniezo, whom she was having undisclosed sexual relations with. Between 2007 and 2010, Caniezo saw his annual salary increase from $70,000 to $110,000. Vice Chancellor for Research, Graham Fleming was the one who notified Leite of her demotion and pay dock in a letter written on February 17th of last month. Despite being stripped of her title, Leite still receives $175,000 salary compared to the $188,531 prior to the discovery of the affair. Shouldn't she be fired? I think so.

It doesn't matter what college or university you go to, this type of behavior is absolutely intolerable under any circumstances. Such an ethics violation should not be overlooked by students. Let our voices be heard that we will not tolerate such corruption in ANY educational institution administration. This slap on the wrist is a disgrace not only to the faculty and staff of the UC system but to hard working students all across California. How can our culture value education in a society in which those in control are irresponsible and not doing their job properly? Students of California, let your voice be heard and make Diane Leite resign! Put a stop to corruption and show that we are a force to reckon with. If you care about how your money and taxes are spent, sign this petition.

We want Graham Fleming to take stricter action in having Diane Leite and Jonathan Caniezo both not demoted but fired from their positions within UC Berkeley and the whole University of California system.

Letter from UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming


Update - 3/15/12

We're making progress! San Jose Mercury News has published an article, mentioning this petition!

"In addition to the letter from faculty members, about 150 people by Thursday afternoon had signed an online petition calling for Leite and her boyfriend, Jonathan Caniezo, to be fired."

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