END Colorism: Stop the production of skin whitening products & toxic messaging.

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One of the biggest, glaring issues in India as well as many South Asian countries and countries around the world is colorism. Let's unpack that word--what does it actually mean? It means that fair skin is considered the ideal or "elite". That fair skin is better than darker skin or complexions. This ideology infiltrates every aspect of day to day life in India. It affects class & socioeconomic status, jobs & career, even marriage. We must first understand, accept, & educate ourselves that colorism is a form of racism. 

So how do we create change? Every time a company produces a skin whitening product, and every time a celebrity endorses a skin whitening product, together, they are sending the message that people are LESS THAN because they are dark. That they are not enough because of the color of their skin. That they are not seen, valued, or heard. This is racism. 

By creating this petition, I ask these companies (Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L'oreal, and Johnson & Johnson) to #SeeMyComplexion. To put an end to creating these whitening creams and toxic messaging. To end colorism and racism. The time is NOW. They know better, they can DO BETTER.

If you agree that we must put an end to systemic racism, sign the petition and ask these companies to:

  1. Stop manufacturing skin whitening products & racist advertisements.
  2. Use their billion dollar revenue from skin whitening products towards creating products that are inclusive & no longer prey on archaic notions of colorism.

Spread this message and STOP BUYING SKIN WHITENING PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY. Buying power is the most effective tool we have that will force companies to listen and create impactful change.