End Collection & Removal of Marine life from Phil Foster Park by Tropical Fish Collectors!

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The Blue Heron Bridge dive site (AKA Phil Foster Park of Riviera Beach, FL) is a world renowned diving location due to its diversity and abundance of marine life. For decades, this site has been a huge target for the tropical saltwater aquarium trade! We hope to end this practice with your help by getting this area protected from all Tropical Fish Collectors!

In the most recent incident, three professional tropical fish collectors employed by Moody Gardens Aquarium of Galveston Texas completed a week-long legal extraction of marine species with a permit issued by the Florida Department of Fish & Wildlife (FWC).  

Their permit intended to allow them to collect marine life from four different counties and once FWC was made aware that they have been collecting in only one area, Blue Heron Bridge, for a week, they amended their permit essentially stopping them from collecting there any longer. We were told by FWC that no permits in the future would be given to anyone wishing to extract animals from the Blue Heron Bridge. We are very grateful for this. A complete ban from both commercial and hobbyist tropical fish collection at this site is our goal.

We have no intention of restricting recreational fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving as we very much would like all people to continue enjoying this park with it's incredible marine biodiversity. We are very appreciative and grateful for the FWC's help in reaching this goal.

For more information or to become involved with this as well as other conservation campaigns please go to Wildlife Voice.