End Classical Management

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This petition seeks to gain support for ending the zero-sum methods of leadership and management found in most organizations.

The traditional way in which organizations are managed is known as classical management. It, and the institution of leadership, produce a continuously chaotic, high-stress work environment that is bad for human health and results in various types of chronic illness. Layoffs, a celebrated feature of classical management, generate a variety of public health problems — family strife and violence (divorce, spouse or child abuse), anger, hopelessness, stress, pain, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, obesity, and suicide. Suppliers are squeezed on prices. Customers endure high prices or poor quality. And communities struggle to deal with the effects of short- and long-term unemployment and many other problems.

Modern progressive management is an alternative to the status quo of systemic classical management. It is a non-zero-sum management practice whose fundamental principles are “respect for humanity” and “change for the better.” Its intellectual foundation is:

  1. Society – Recognize and quickly respond to human needs within organizations and society.
  2. Cooperation – Teamwork to quickly recognize problems and make needed changes.
  3. Flow – Create smooth workflows to lessen burdens on people and better meet the needs of stakeholders.
  4. Innovation – Quickly try out new ideas for improving processes, products, and services.
  5. Contentment – Satisfaction in work that has focus and meaning, and which produces beneficial results for all.

Yet, for decades progressive management has been ignored by most CEOs and remains largely unknown to society at-large. The purpose of this petition is to begin the process of putting pressure on CEOs to change how they lead and manage organizations – from a mostly de jure (by right) way to a humanistic, de facto (by facts) way – and to substantially reduce the harm done to people and the planet.

Classical management and the institution of leadership rest on archaic grounds that diminish human interests and slowly but methodically imposes its pain on humanity. The leaders of organizations are extremely effective at resisting change and ensuring lines of successors that think and do likewise unless society demands better. Human progress and sustainability of the planet are restrained by the economic, social, political, historical, philosophical, business, legal, and spiritual preconceptions of classical management and leadership.

Please sign this petition to help raise awareness of the need to end antiquated classical management and to revoke your consent to leadership that harms humanity and the planet. Thank you.