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Religions and churches should pay a fair share

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The money parishioners donate to churches should ethically go to indiscriminately feed the poor and offer low income people healthcare and housing. (isn't that the true meaning of charity?) It should not go to greedy, hateful and glutenous right wing media houses and fanatical senators to promote their anti woman and anti homosexual religious agendas. LGBT are people and citizens too. Why do homosexuals pay government taxes that in-turn our government gives to a church that is trying to erode the homosexual's and women's person-hood and social equality? This is the bait and switch tactic. Clergy use the church and their sad Jesus story allure of religion to entice their followers and the government into believing the church actually cares about the down trodden of society. Then these churches send the money off to their political cronies. Most churches are no more than corporations masquerading as "the people" and using the fear of God to do it... They shield their own rampant, rabid, religiously conflicted pedophile clergy while they persecute homosexuals who are NOT pedophiles but simply want to join in a consensual loving monogamous marriage. It is time to say enough is enough and require these "churches" and "faith based" charities carry their own weight and not be giving them a free pass on the backs of the 99%. It is not the 1% giving these churches their tax breaks it is the poor! The U.S. tax payers should be able to donate to the charity of their choice and not have the government do it for them through a backdoor policy. There is separation of church and state and the government giving tax breaks to "faith based" initiatives is a clear violation of our most cherished of democratic principles. Where does our constitution state that churches are MORE than a person? Tax breaks for churches? When a (part of the 1%) bishop or elder can throw five hundred thousand to a millions dollars into a political smear campaign against gays and women this is a clear social conflict of interest. I am just asking in this petition that churches should pay no less than the average "person"... If their God is so real maybe they can get him/her to write them a check? If a charity can demonstrate that they are purely a charity in the most draconian and secular sense of the word then maybe some government tax breaks and bailouts are permissible. As it stands now these churches are no less greedy than the big banks and wall street corruption that nearly crashed the world economy. Should the economic burden be placed on the elderly and then poor (the very people the churches claim to care for) or should churches and the wearers of embroidered fine silk robes maybe, PAY THEIR OWN FAIR SHARE? And who needs a bible shoved down their throat before much needed medication and water are administered to their sick and dying children? Who needs churches going into third world countries with their "kill the gays" banners to deceptively indoctrinate weak and susceptible minds through fear or God and intimidation? Here in the U.S. we had MANY church clergy saying their god caused the tsunami in Japan... What a cruel, godless and an inhuman thing to say? Can we trust these religious charities to be fair and impartial? I seriously doubt it.... Time to pay the piper.

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