End Chloe's suffering now

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Chloe is a 14 year old terrier mix dog with a severe neurological problem, in chronic pain, infested with fleas, lying in her own excrement, unable to walk by herself.  Veterinarians as well as neighbors of the owner have struggled for months to get Alachua County (FL) officials to rescue Chloe and end her suffering.  However, County staff and commissioners have all failed Chloe, allowing her to linger on and on.  The County has also failed to ensure that other animals belonging to the same hoarder are not suffering in similar circumstances.

This cannot continue.  Florida Statute section 828.073 states any law enforcement or animal control officer may "lawfully take custody of any animal found neglected or cruelly treated by removing the animal from its present location."  

No animal should have to suffer like this.  Please do the right thing and end Chloe's suffering now.