End child sexual exploitation on Omegle #WAKEUPOMEGLE

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Edit: I have sadly discovered recently that child exploitation is so much worse on Twitter, the situation on Omegle can't even be compared to how bad the situation is on Twitter so please head over to my other petition and sign it as well. https://www.change.org/p/help-end-child-exploitation-on-twitter-wakeuptwitter

Omegle is a place where users can chat anonymously but pedophiles have used that to their advantage. Omegle users have discovered a secret pedophile ring on Omegle where pedophiles are sending each other links of files containing child pornography! They have been known to use explicit words in their Omegle interests to find other pedophiles with their sexual preferences. Omegle has attempted to remove a few explicit interests but there are still more that haven't been removed and are still being used by pedophiles!

Solution: Omegle has to remove custom interests and should only provide certain interests such as: Gaming, Music, Books, etc. If Omegle hasn’t done anything to end child exploitation the whole site should be completely shut down. This whole ordeal has been happening for years and it must be stopped once and for all!