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End brutal and inhumane hunting of giraffes for sport

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The giraffe population has nearly halved since 1988 — falling from more than 140,000 to fewer than 80,000.
They are now thought to be extinct in places such as Angola, Mali and Nigeria.
But in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe it is still legal to hunt them.

Hunters from around the world pay up to 15,000 dollars just for the chance to kill one of these animals.  Despite declining giraffe populations, these African countries claim that hunting can be profitable for the government and citizens and that giraffe populations can be sustainably managed.  But the continuation of this brutal practice only perpetuates the idea that these animals are a commodity and encourages illegal poaching.  End the hunting of giraffes for sport today.

Hunters from countries like Russia, the United States and Germany pay thousands of dollars for plane tickets to countries like South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe where hunting of giraffes is still allowed.  Game parks charge trophy fees for killing the animals and additionally daily fees for hired trackers and guides.  The final bill can be up to 15,000 dollars.  The governments of these countries argue that this brings money, tourism and giraffe meat to local communities and point to the fact that giraffe populations in their countries have remained stable.  But giraffes have gone extinct in Angola, Mali and Nigeria and the giraffe population has been halved since 1988 to the current number of 80,000.  Though the Giraffe Conservation Foundation cites human development as the main reason for their decline, one cannot help but wonder how sustainable and ethical hunting these endangered animals can be.

Trophy hunters often miss their target and end up shooting the giraffe in a place that results in a painful death.  Illegal poachers also use nets and snares to capture giraffes, which results in a similarly painful death.  How can countries that have made giraffe hunting legal expect to combat poachers when they are sending the message that hunting big game is okay?  Giraffe populations are plummeting and no matter what the cause, we cannot allow these beautiful creatures to be hunted for sport.

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