End British Army Sponsorship of Girlguiding Leadership Activities for Girls

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Girlguiding has announced that it has gone into partnership with the British Army and received their support to develop a Leadership Skills Builder (part of the programme delivered through staged activities to all young members aged 4-18). This means that the main leadership focused activities within the new Girlguiding programme are all associated with the British Army. 

This is announced at: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/about-us/our-partners-and-supporters/the-british-army/

This runs counter to Girlguiding’s international and peace-orientated membership of WAGGGS, which is regularly promoted as a global family. It also contradicts Girlguiding’s stance that girls should not participate in war-games or shoot at human shaped targets as part of an activity within the organisation. 

This partnership is the short-sighted acceptance of money without thought given to how this partnership aligns with the organisations values, nor does it respect or pay attention to the interests of our sibling guides and scouts around the world. 

This petition calls on Girlguiding to cease this partnership immediately and to consult with young members before entering into such partnerships going forward.