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Please sign this and watch THE COVE and BLACKFISH movies, tell your friends and never pay to see captive animals of any type...

It is 2013, anyone with an ounce of compassion knows how wrong it is for this to continue, it is long overdue that we stand together and say NO MORE !!

It is only by action that the people can end the suffering of these animals... please dont leave it to someone else.. YOU can make a difference right now

Each year on 1st September the capture and slaughter begins in Taiji Japan, Dolphins are captured and sold to perform in marine parks worldwide, such as Seaworld... Broome in Western Australia supports Taiji in Japan and is proudly their "Sister City"

Thousands of people every year speak out about this cruel practice, but still it continues...

While the Taiji Dolphins no longer end up in Australia to perform, our very own Sea World and other Swim with Dolphin venues in this country still promote captives, these Dolphins are made to do tricks for food to entertain humans..

Subjected to a life in a swimming pool without the freedom of the Ocean !!

If the practice of places like Sea World are allowed to continue, it is promoting that it is OK and fun to pay to see performing animals, we need to end the parks, end the programs that encourage people to pay to interact... only then will there be freedom for them, only then will they be safe from being taken and sold while their families are slaughtered.



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