ENCOURAGE doves (band) TO “REFORM”

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ENCOURAGE doves (band) TO “REFORM”

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The year is 2010; the month is April. Doves (sometimes - and originally - printed as doves (lowercase), and also affectionately referred to as dovesband by some of their biggest fans as a fun nod to their Wikipedia listing), the Greatest, multiple Number One album-selling, multiple Platinum Record-achieving (300,000 copies+ (x2) ), multiple Mercury Prize-nominated Alternative/Indie Rock band ever to rise out of one of the Greatest Cities in the world, Manchester, England (Hey, we’re biased on both counts ;-) ) suddenly announce their hiatus. (Full biography & Info can be found at https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doves_(band) )

We’re pretty sure it was implied - or perhaps that’s just how we interpreted it? - that this hiatus would be on the shorter side (we believe it was reported to last a couple of years or so) in order for band members to pursue respective “solo” projects (both of which, incidentally, turned out to be great) and to just take a general rest from writing, recording, and touring as doves...but Fast-Forward to 2018 and that break has now developed into EIGHT long, lonely years.  We, the Superfans, feel like this has been WAY too long now, and hopefully you - who was/is also a Superfan/fan - feel exactly the same way.

So...the goal here is simply to try to gather as many signatures as possible, primarily to get people talking about the band again/generate buzz, and also to enable us to illustrate a collective love for doves (we in the business call that “doves love”), and less so to “pressure” the band, per se. Whether you have been a fan for 20 years, you just recently became a fan, or you fall somewhere in between, we want to hear from YOU.  Once we gather a decent (currently undetermined) number of signatures, then the link for this petition would be sent to the various band members’ Twitter accounts (assuming that they hadn’t already been made aware of this fabulous petition by that point! ;-) ).  

For you doves obsessives out there (you know who you are) please rest assured that it is NOT our intention to harass them with and/or about this petition.  As stated above, we didn’t start this petition to put undue pressure on them to reunite, but rather to gently and harmlessly encourage them to think about it, and also simply to show the world and them that people STILL care after all these years.

So there you have it.  Please sign*, and comment - if you wish. Comments are strongly recommended as they are your own personal way of expressing what the band means to you, and/or your way of sending a message of encouragement to the band, which we promise they will eventually read!  Maybe. ;-)  Thank you!  

*if you need some convincing, you may find this short essay helpful: https://www.facebook.com/ReformDoves/posts/2023950967926864

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This petition had 1,556 supporters

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