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Reconsider the contract with Virtual Keyring LLC dated March 18, 2015 to pilot biometrics facial recognition on student iPads.

On March 18, 2015 the Encinitas School Board approved an annual contract with a newly formed biometric company called Virtual Keyring LLC.  They will pilot and eventually install a program on student IPads to continuously scan (every 60 seconds) our children's face so that they no longer have to input a password to log on.

Biometrics-- facial recognition-- should NOT be allowed on EUSD student iPads because:

1.  This is an annual contract of $63,000 to bypass a password!  How many volunteer hours does it take your PTA to raise $63,000?  This money could be used to pay for a math specialist and other much needed supplies for your children's classroom.  

2.  Collecting biometrics on children is forever.  Facial biometrics is the same as a finger print or eye scan.  This information stored is not 100% safe and no one can guarantee it.   According to Virtual Keyrings website the software continuously monitors every 60 seconds to make sure it's the same person and automatically logs out if authentication fails. This program will be scanning our children's face every 60 seconds!!!!   




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