Enbridge - Do NOT put a regulator station on our front lawn

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August 21st, 2017, we came home to find our yard marked up with paint and stakes. Upon inquiry, we find out that Enbridge is planning to relocate a regulator station from it's current location where it's been over 19 years to town of Whitby property on our front lawn, 35' from our house. This has been in planning since January but the affected homeowners and community were never notified.

Town of Whitby and Enbridge met with us on Sept 6th to explain the situation from there perspective and let us look at the drawings. Work is scheduled to start the week of Sept 11th and they will proceed because they have the legal right to do so. 

The regulator station has been in its current location for over 19 years. With the construction of the new Lakeridge Road to the immediate west of the Old Lakeridge Road, Enbridge asset protection has decided that the current station is at risk. There are other options, but the easiest, least costly solution is our front lawn, 35' from our house. We asked multiple times for an address where we could see on on a front lawn, but none was given.

We are asking you to sign and support this petition on the following grounds:


  • Assurances were given that it is safe, but no safety data provided. If it is unsafe at its current location, how is moving it to our front lawn going to make it any safer.
  • Lack of community consultation. This is public land and the public deserves to know what is going on, in advance. The homeowners impacted by this work were never informed.
  • The current location of the regulator station does not contravene any regulations or written standards.
  • Other locations were considered, but no formal evaluation was done. Our front yard was chosen because it is the most convenient location.
  • The concern for crew safety was expressed. In fact, moving it to Churchill Ave will increase the risk to crew because Churchill only has a half shoulder (parked vehicles are 50% on the road) and Churchill has more traffic than Old Lakeridge. Where they park on Old Lakeridge for servicing the current station, it has a full shoulder and less traffic, making it the safer location from a crew perspective.
  • We have asked multiple times where we can see a regulator station on a front lawn in front of a residence in Whitby.  There is no precedent for putting a regulator station with bollards on a front lawn in Whitby. There is much public land available in the immediate area.
  • Resident are not permitted to install ugly structures on their property if it negatively impacts their neighbors. Our governments have a responsibility to steward public lands with the same diligence. This decision does not represent a good balance between the need to deliver services vs. appropriate use of public land.
  • We a small homeowner are being bullied into having this on our front lawn by a company with an enterprise value of $166 billion. Nobody else in Whitby has to endure this. There are alternatives, just they will take more work and money. We personally pay the price instead of an international company valued at $166 billion spending a few extra dollars.

Please sign our petition and tell Enbridge to respect the neighborhoods they serve. The precedent that is set today could very well impact you tomorrow.

Pictures and additional details will be posted to our Facebook page.


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