Make the world of work accessible for young people #AccessYourTruePotential

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Young people are often caught in a catch22; no experience but need the experience to get into work. 

Employers are struggling to recruit and want to become more attractive and visible to young people. 

So, what’s the barrier? 

The online job application process and what an employer says about itself is not meeting young people’s expectations. The job market is tight and it is no longer the employer assessing the candidate, the candidates are now assessing the employer to see if they meet their own criteria.

Young people want to work for an employer who embraces diversity and inclusion, demonstrates its purpose and offers opportunities for progression.

We researched over 600 employer websites and their job application processes and found;

  • 3 out of 4 did not offer entry-level roles
  • Only 1% of employers show that they care and state when feedback is available
  • 1 in 3 applications ‘felt like they were being submitted into a black hole’
  • Only 5% of employers gave examples of opportunities for progression
  • Only 5% of employers demonstrated a positive attitude towards diversity and inclusion

For employers

If you’re an employer reading this we want you to sign the petition and pledge to make a commitment to become an accessible and supportive employer. Pledge to do one or all of the following;

  • Create entry-level roles
  • Provide details of the recruitment processes including when feedback will be available
  • Acknowledge receipt of all applications
  • Provide examples of progression
  • Make diversity and inclusion a priority for candidate and employee engagement

For young people and supporters

If you’re reading this and you want to encourage employers to make these changes then please sign the petition, show your support and share with your friends #AccessYourTruePotential

Find out more about the campaign by visiting and join the conversation on social media using #AccessYourTruePotential 

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