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We behave towards the earth like a private household, which lives permanently beyond its means and which is still surprised that electricity, gas and water are turned off bit by bit. And we also dispose of our garbage in the children's room. Because the younger ones will be confronted with the unpaid ecological bills of the older ones. And all this, although we all know how bad the climate is!

We consumers must finally get a clear idea of the climate impact associated with our personal consumption.

Therefore, we demand: A separate emissions price tag must be attached to everything!

Everything has two prices: an economic one, which reflects the economic costs and which we pay in Euro, and an ecological one. This is the price that nature pays for our consumption. However, we have not yet been fully charged for this. Even if the "damaging costs" of each good and service would be shown via a second price tag in Euro, the decision to buy it is still voluntary. We would be able to see which product is more damaging to the climate, but in many cases the decision would probably be made by our wallet. Such a system might not be able to reduce and avoid climate gases quickly and sustainably enough. The best example is the current price of petrol. It is so low that even with the CO2 tax on top, we are still below the prices we have paid in the past. And the number of cars on our roads has not fallen significantly as a result.

CO2 taxation is like doing the doctoring. To tackle the cause, a paradigm shift is needed.

The separate emissions price tag should therefore be in the form of a parallel currency - a CO2 currency "ECO" (Earth Carbon Obligation). With the ECO we pay for our actual ecological footprint. It includes all steps of the value chain: From raw material extraction and production, transport and marketing to the finished product and finally the use by us as end consumers. The things we consume would get their realistic and transparent climate price. Thanks to the newly created transparency of the ECO, we demand products and services that leave a smaller ecological footprint, regardless of how expensive or cheap they are in Euro. As a result, the industry would automatically switch to more climate-friendly processes, because its "ECO-expensive" products would be sold as shelf warmers.

How this all can be implemented and established have we described in the ALTERNATIVE CLIMATE CONCEPT and founded the climate protection initiative SaveClimate.Earth e.V. !

All further information and detailed descriptions, as well as the interfaces to third countries not yet participating in the ECO-System can be found on our homepage www.saveclimate.jimdofree.com

Please help with your signature, so that we as consumers finally get a clear idea of the environmental damage that is connected with our consumption.

Sign - share - reduce CO2 emissions !

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!