Keep Domestic Violence Victim and Family Safe and Deny Parole

Keep Domestic Violence Victim and Family Safe and Deny Parole

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Please sign this petition to help ensure that our family and community can remain safe and protected by denying parole to David Dietrich, an inmate in a NY state Correctional Facility. This is David’s first parole hearing and the literal safety of people’s lives are dependent on him staying incarcerated. My hope is with enough signatures, that we can show the NY Parole Board the danger that his release poses upon society.

My name is Emily, and for well over five years, I have been a victim of severe Domestic Violence, perpetrated by David. With an overwhelming amount of safety planning, our son and I were able to somewhat safely leave. Despite an order of protection being in place for my son and I, David violated this court order dozens of times, threating and stalking me for weeks, and then kidnapping and violently attacking me. Finally, David was given a plea deal and sentenced to prison.

David is not only a domestic violence perpetrator, but he has committed dozens of acts of horrific sexual assault and rape, child abuse, strangulation, severe beatings, stalking, theft, illegal gun ownership on top of shooting towards me - directly in our home, kidnapping, and more. David and his friends and family will go to no end to stalk and injure me.

As a man in his forties, we started dating ‘officially’ when I had just turned eighteen – I was a child. He quickly transformed me into his puppet, doing anything he demanded, because I was positive that I would be murdered if I didn’t.

Between previous illness and the amount of head and neck trauma that I sustained, I needed emergency brain and spine surgery. Not only was the surgery horrific, but it led to multiple chronic illness and serious concerns regarding my brain and spine. I am now paralyzed from the waist down and waiting for another surgery.

I am twenty-three years old, a single parent to our son, financially responsible for every aspect of life for the two of us, own a business, and am also a graduate student in a dual-degree for Law and Social Work. It takes me an insurmountable of effort to continue with these things, due to the constant fear of imminent danger and the emotional and physical impact that his abuse has imposed upon me. This impacts every single aspect of my life, and makes every task incredibly difficult.

This was not a one-time incident. David has been abusive in his previous relationships for the past 18 years. Shortly after I began dating David, he tried to hurt a woman that he had previously been in a relationship, despite the fact that he was in a new relationship. The abuse that he inflicted upon me was a pattern and each incident was planned and carried out in such a way that is simply pure evil. 

Searching for safety since leaving David has been incredibly difficult. If David is released on parole, he poses an extreme danger to my son and myself. Likewise, multiple friends and family members were harassed and stalked by David and are also in fear for their lives. Our community is safer with David incarcerated. Given David’s history, the direct threats that I received from him and from others, and the devastating impact that he has not only had on my son, myself, his other children, my friends, and our society, there would be an overwhelmingly high likelihood that he will end up severely injuring, or ending one of our lives.

David is not capable of rehabilitation. David has already been on probation, has been mandated to domestic perpetrator classes, attended inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment, has completed substance abuse treatment. He was extremely abusive throughout all of these treatments. He would come home from his DV perpetrator classes and inform me that he is learning how to get away with hurting people and not leaving evidence. He has shown almost twenty years of incredibly violent, degrading, selfishness, controlling behavior, and a need to overpower anyone that he can. Being incapable of rehabilitation, remaining in prison is the safest option. My life depends on him remaining incarcerated. Please help.

With great thanks,

Emily T

The undersigned petition members strongly encourage the Board to DENY parole of David L. Dietrich Jr.

Petition for the case of New York State v. David Dietrich
NYS Division of Parole/Victim Impact Unit
97 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12206

Greene Correctional Facility
165 Plank Road
P.O. Box 8
Coxsackie, New York 12051-0008
(518) 731-2741 (Greene County)
David Dietrich DIN # 18-B-1798

RE: David Dietrich DIN # 18-B-1798

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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!