Turn on the Air Conditioning

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Turning off the air conditioning during 90+ degrees is unacceptable! When workers begin to pass out maybe it's time for a change! 


Hi my name is Holly Stong and I am standing up for my family members plus friends who work for the Downingtown Area School District. The custodial staff plus others who work after school hours are forced to clean the whole building while embracing ridiculous weather temperatures. Last night my mom was rushed to the hospital for heat exhaustion due to the building being 80degrees plus 70% humidity. Now, picture cleaning your house on a hot summer day with no air flow and no place to cool down. You can drink so much water and rest so much before your body becomes exhausted. I will not sit back and watch anymore! I will not sit around and wait for a phone call that something more has happened to my mother. Please help spread this petition and let's make something happen!