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Make Girls' Generation japanese discography available worldwide

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Being a music consumer and a big fan of SNSD, it's sad that there is no way I can purchase the 3 Japanese releases; instead of forcing us into piracy, Universal music should celebrate 2017 (the year of ther 10th anniversary) by making their EMI Records Japan catalogue worldwide available in digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, etc.

The music releases being requested are:

  1. Girls' Generation (a.k.a. The First Japanese Album)
  2. Girls & Peace (a.k.a. Girls' Generation II ~Girls & Peace~)
  3. Love & Peace 
  4. Catch Me If You Can - Single

Which are exactly 41 songs incluiding the tracks in the reedition of the first album.

it is known among fans that the production quality in Japanese releases surpasses the Korean albums, and many of the singles in these LPs are the favorite, which is why it's more than unfair that we're forced into low quiality versions online, thus making Girls' Generation and Universal Music lose a big amount of monetary profit.

2017 marks the year of a 10 anniversary of the SNSD career, if we make this possible before august arrives, we'll make sure all 8 albums of Girls' Generation chart worldwide in iTunes, Spotify, and much more. Fighting !

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