Emergency: Tell @Disney Not to Re-Hire James Gunn!

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Friday afternoon, James Gunn, the writer-director of the blockbuster comic book movie series, The Guardians of the Galaxy, was fired by Disney for hosting a large body of commentary dedicated to pedophilia (and worse).

Far-right social conservative, but someone who lives and works among those in Hollywood, Ben Shapiro, quickly took to Gunn's defense. (Presumably, reciprocating for Gunn coming to Shapiro's defense just days prior.)

Gunn is accused of not just making pedophilistic jokes, but writing over 10,000 comments on Twitter and an entire body of work on his personal blog, of the course of years, that he scrubbed off the internet Friday morning.

Now, fans and Shapiro are trying to call Disney out. They believe Disney, which may have additional evidence, made the wrong decision.

They want Disney to re-hire Gunn and restore him to a role where he is working with children and making a children's movie.

Worse, Shapiro's piece is being used in Hollywood union halls and executive offices to suggest that Gunn's firing was only to "appease the Trumpists" and that conservatives actually protest the firing.

Are you a conservative standing with Gunn and Shapiro against children? 

This is dangerous. 

We believe this is an error. Please petition and call Disney and Marvel and tell them NOT TO RE-HIRE JAMES GUNN. Please tweet this everywhere until Disney puts out a statement reaffirming their prudent decision.