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Emergency: SAVE THE BIRDS. Boycott + Postpone dangerous "For the Birds" event.

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Help us protect our wildlife.
This week onwards it is in danger.

Would you want crowds of people coming through your bedroom whilst you slept at night, with bright coloured lights, loud noises, fear inducing recordings of shouting and singing, the running of generators and operating large mechanical giants? Tormenting you away from your children who need your vital, life-saving care. 

That is what will happen to the birds and wildlife in a "species-rich" Local  Nature reserve and an area of the South Downs National Park in Brighton this week onwards from 8:30pm-11.40pm.. yes, in peak breeding season.

The event which launched at the weekend in Brighton is ironically called "For the Birds". We do not understand how such a thing has been allowed to go ahead and get this far. It is planned to continue for 17 nights, from 6-28th May, every night except mondays and tuesdays.

We urge you to boycott the event and call for it to be postponed. Halting further performances until breeding season is over.


The location is by no means suitable, and the timing could not be more wrong. Previous events and permissions for "For the birds" related to such a performance taking place in WINTER... a completely different scenario to Spring.

We are not against art, or creativity but the timing of this creative performance and its impact has been dangerously overlooked with potentially fatal consequences for our wildlife.
Not only this year, but impacting the future population and generations of species in the area.
Just this morning and all week long, special species of birds have been spotted in the area by an ornithologist, whether they will be around after tomorrow if the event goes ahead, it is doubtful.

Sign now and put pressure on BRIGHTON FESTIVAL, the Artists and BRIGHTON CITY COUNCIL to please POSTPONE THE EVENT, until thorough investigations have taken place and the ludicrous timing is changed.

Further information on the event can be found here
Information on the "species-rich" area as described by Brighton's own council can be found here

Laws laid out here on state:
"All wild bird species, their eggs and nests are protected by law. You must always try to avoid harming birds or to use measures which do not kill or injure them before considering taking harmful action. In most cases, you should be able to avoid harming birds. You should avoid harming birds by timing your work to avoid the breeding season or by using a range of methods that deter birds but don’t harm them."
These activities can affect wild birds, particularly during breeding season:

  • trimming or cutting trees, bushes, hedges and rough vegetation
  • renovating, converting or demolishing a building
  • creating disturbance, eg noise, lighting and vibration
  • taking actions to prevent problems, eg shooting birds or removing nests" 
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