Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! ; Make law 'Right to Treatment'

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency! ; Make law 'Right to Treatment'

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Amit Singh started this petition to Ram Nath Kovind (President of India) and

Three weeks old Baby girl, daughter of a poor farmer needed open heart surgery which costs approx.  Rs 3 lakhs and her family income are Rs 3500 per month. In another case a 56 year old man was thrown out from the hospital at midnight because as the hospital authorities were not able to handle the condition and the next day he died in government hospital. Then take the example of a 13 Year old girl who needed liver transplant immediately which costs approx.  Rs 15 lakhs and her parents, who are vegetable sellers, found it impossible to pay.

These kinds of situations you can find in every hospital on daily basis where families are struggling for the financial assistance for treatment of their loved ones. Mother crying in front of the hospital administration and doctors, father begging before relatives, friends and society. 

As a social worker almost every week I get call from the families/relative/friends of needy people, some cases are fake, some situations are created by hospital/doctors for making money and some are really genuine which need immediate assistance . So many times I have started fund raising for the genuine cases with the support of my friends and also we visit the hospitals and discuss with doctors how we can support the needy family. But doctors can help us in only one case if you paid the bill of hospital otherwise they are not eligible to treat the patient and this is not the doctors fault actually hospital need the fee of luxurious infrastructure and doctors can’t help in that but some doctors give us very genuine advice and support us monitoring the case in proper manner and personally handle the patient with proper diagnose.

And this is not only with poor family I personally know the families who invest everything in treatment of love one and now  family have nothing to continue the treatment except going out for the financial assistance and begging in front of the relative, friends and society .  

According to Civil Registration System about 6.0% of the total registered deaths during 2015 have received medical attention from qualified allopathic professional and 29.7% of deceased did not receive any medical attention at the time of death. Approx. 65 lac registered death during 2015. Reports say a large percentage of deaths happen as patients cannot afford medical care due to high cost and negligence of hospital and doctors.

And According to Media and NGOs Report millions of children die every year in our country. Our government health care units have completely failed to provide good care to poor. And Our Private sector, which is growing every year with full equipped health care facility and off course fees of treatment growing every second. According to Experts the total Indian health care industry size is approx. 200 billion dollar.

The Government of India aims to develop India as a global healthcare hub. It has created the National Health Mission (NHM) for providing effective healthcare to both the urban and rural population. The Government is also providing policy support in the form of reduced excise and customs duty, and exemption in service tax, to support growth in healthcare. 

I am not against the growth of health care industry and support of government to this sector but I am completely against how these sectors treat poor of our country. Poor people die not because of our country's health care sector, lack of resources or doctors; poor die because he/she does not has money to pay the fee of our best health care sector resources fee.

Recently I read few articles about some business people planning to open chain of luxuries hospital in India which will provide Rolls-Royce cars to ferry its patients and also provide air services for the patients. In sort he is planning to open hospital only for elite. It may charge 20 K to 30 K per day. Again I am not against this luxurious concept but my question is that after lots of tax exemption and government support ‘will they treat poor patients too??’

As a citizen of India I Request every Indians please come forward and Sign my petition and make it our petition and demand.

The enactment of a ‘Right to Treatment’ in our constitution, which will

  • Ensure that every citizen of India has the right to get proper treatment.
  • Make Compulsory 25% free treatment in private hospital for the economically weak.
  • Ensure transparent accountability of these patients.
  • Ensure the treatment of patient will continue who invest everything into the treatment.
  • Have provision to immediately cancel or suspend the doctor license after any negligence complains.
  • Have provision to cancel the license of diagnosis center and pathology lab after multiple rejections of reports by doctors and hospitals.
  • Make Compulsory the generic medicine store in private hospitals and control the cost of branded medicine.
  • Have Provision of credit loan scheme from government and institution for the treatment of serious patient.
  • Create Central Patient Data System- CPDS
  • Have provision to give full access to doctors for study all old reports and diagnose of patient.
  • Create Medical Task Force for monitoring the Government Hospital Situation
  • Ensure that Patient Welfare is important for every doctor.
  • Provide for an immediate judicial enquiry in term of negligence.


I am not a lawyer and I really don’t know how to draft legal bill or petition but as Citizen of India and as a Human I know what is the need of my society and my people. 

As we know our Prime Minister also want to make India a Healthy India , keeping this thought of him I request him to please look into this and do the need full.


Thank You

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!
At 200,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!