Petitioning Embarcadero Technologies

Release the intellectual property of Bold for Delphi

For those that have tried Bold for Delphi know that it is a fantastic framework if you work with Model Driven Development (MDD). The story about Bold is tragical. Boldsoft created Bold, then the company was bought by Borland. Now Bold is owned by Embarcadero.
But there have not been any updates of Bold since Delphi 7. The best solution would of course be to release Bold as opensource.

This is a win/win situation for both the Delphi community and Embarcadero.
Together we can convince Embarcadero that this is the right thing to do. 

Thats why I have created the petition

Please read, sign it and spread the word to every Delphi developer you know!

My blog about Bold

Good description of the situation

Bold basics

Boldsofts site 2002  

Letter to
Embarcadero Technologies
Delphi is an excellent language to make applications for Windows, but is missing a mature framework for model driven development. Bold is all that but it is not possible to even buy for money now.
This cause many developers to change platform to others like C# or Java.

The latest release was with Delphi 7 Architect and that is a very old version.
Embarcadero currently holds the intellectual property of Bold for Delphi,
but haven't done any updates. Apparently they don't have resources or is interested of doing that.

Therefor the best option for everybody (including Embarcadero see below) is to
release Bold as open source in an appropriate license like Apache 2.0.
The license is explained here:

So what would happen if Bold was released as open source ?

- All Delphi developers could cooperate on a common version for bugfixes and to add new features. This works remarkable well. There are many successful open source projects as reference.

- Delphi developers can access a fantastic framework for modeldriven development.

- The interests for Delphi as a platform for business applications would be raised.

- Embarcadero will probably sell some Delphi licenses for this reason.

- Embarcaderos goodwill against developers would increase.

What happen if Embarcadero refuse to release IP for Bold ?

- Developers continue to leave Delphi for C# and Java. This is also what happens now, see

- Embarcadero as a company would collect badwill among developers by holding ip without developing Bold.

Is there other options than release it as open source ?

Yes, transfer the IP to a company that have knowledge about Bold and resources for development. Two candidates are:

People with deep knowledge about Bold.

Developing probably the largest Bold application in the world for logistics.

I hope that Delphi community can make remarkable things with Delphi and Bold if they got the chance.


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