Emami Group: Stop telecasting gender discriminating 'Bailwan' advertisement

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Emami Group: Stop telecasting gender discriminating 'Bailwan' advertisement

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Kotravai (Nirmala) started this petition to Mr. Manish Goenka (Director, Emami Group) and

The latest Emami Fair & Handsome advertisements featuring popular actors like Shahrukh Khan & Suriya are racist and derogatory. These advertisements imply that dark-skinned people are not "handsome" and they must become fair. Sign the petition demanding Emami Ltd to immediately stop broadcasting this advertisement.

The advertisement is also in violation of the rules specified under rule 7 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and Rules and also violates the code of conduct specified by the advertisement standards council of India

It sends out a very skewed viewpoint of beauty and gender-roles, especially to minors. With popular figures endorsing these products, it is very likely that these advertisements create a deep impact and bias in the minds of the millions of people watching it.

How can we change this?

All advertisers in India are expected to follow the code of conduct as prescribed by the Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI).  The Programme and Advertising Codes  prescribed under the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994 mandates this.

The ASCI code states that advertisements should not be offensive to generally accepted standards of public decency.

The Emami Advertisements clearly ridicule people based on caste, colour and depicts women in a deprecating manner and is therefore in violation of the ASCI code of conduct.

If we show the Advertising Standard Council and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that enough people find this ad offensive, Emami group will be forced to stop broadcasting this ad.

Sign the petition and share it with your friends so that we can get more support against this discriminatory ad.

Links to the advertisements :

Hindi Version of the advertisement

Tamil Version of the advertisement

Telegu Version of the advertisement

Malayalam Version of the advertisement

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This petition had 489 supporters