Let’s ‘Ditch’ plastic and styrofoam!

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The use of plastic and styrofoam should be banned from our food industry. Let’s bring awareness to 6 ‘small’ habits that will become a movement for BIG change on our environment.

1. Food vendors can and should SWITCH TO PAPER BASED PACKAGING and as a consumer; You can bring your own re-useable containers.

2. STOP ACCEPTING PLASTIC BAGS from purchases, especially from food vendors ( you know that you are going to ‘eat it within a few’ so you do not need it! ) and encourage the use of paper bags. Ask your vendors and store owners to switch to paper and/or bring your own reusable bag.

3. Ask your favorite coffee /tea cafe to accept REUSABLE CUPS for take away and offer mugs for sitting in.

SNOCONE vendors; wouldn’t it be nice for us to enjoy our ‘few minutes’ of a snocone in a paper cone instead of a cup that takes so many years to degrade causing such negative impact on our environment ?!

4. BAN PLASTIC STRAWS! we do not need a plastic straw in a beer/drink and if you feel like you can not drink from the bottle please walk with a reusable version; there’s bamboo, wooden and metal straws that can be purchased and kept in your purse/bag.

5. ECO FRIENDLY UTENSILS can be used instead of toxic plastic spoons, knives and forks. As a consumer you can also walk with your own or keep reusable ‘travel’ cutlery handy at your office, car or bag.

6.ENCOURAGE RECYCLING within your community. Sort plastic, glass, paper and  organic waste and demand that your community and trash centers start creating programs for such. Demand that companies move towards the direction of recycling the packaging used for their products and take initiative measures to encourage their consumers to recycle ♻️

Awareness is key! Did you know that

The breakdown of Styrofoam is from a few years to as much as 1 million, depending on environmental conditions.

50% of plastic is only used once and out numbers sea life six to one because 10million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. 

Just 6 small changes WILL CREATE A BIG IMPACT. Sign this petition as a promise to try to do your part in keeping a green world for future generations . 

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