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Towing hitch for Tesla Model S

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We have seen that Model S has been tested with towing hitch. We also know that Model X is based on the Model S, and That Model X can tow. Experts also say its possible to retrofit a towing hitch on the Model S. There are several kits on the market. Some people have installed this themselves without problem. Some have also tested the car with the hitch to pull trailers without problem, even if it is at your own risk (warranty void and legal).

We love our car and want it 100% to replace a normal car. We hope Tesla will approve the vehicle with towing hitch and the ability to pull a trailer. It will make life easier. It will also open the door for many who would otherwise consider a different instead of Tesla. If Tesla approves towing hitch and possibly create a discreetly hidden solution for us. Tesla could make money on retrofitting. At least give thumbs up for retrofitting so we dont void warranty, and documentation so we dont get in trouble with authorities.

The car looks like its prepared with holes to secure the trailer hitch from the factory. To get the car approved with trailer hitch Tesla must also approve, or it will go out of warranty if something happens to the battery or the drive system.

In many countries the car manufacturer must approve the use of the tow hitch for it to be allowed. If not you can get serious problems with the authorities. 

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