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Eradicate the violence against cats and dogs in China

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We are asking Tesla, a major presence and employer throughout China, to publicly join the fight against the torturous dog and cat meat trade and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

We ask Tesla to condemn this trade by contributing to local Chinese animal welfare organizations fighting the Yulin Festival and to post the names of these organizations on their website in all their website language translations.

By operating a business in China, Tesla is creating jobs and providing income to people who spend money on the horrific dog and cat meat trade. People attend and bring their children to this festival as entertainment. They cheer as animals scream in pain. We believe not condemning the practice is supporting it. 

The festival, which has no traditional basis, is purely for profit and involves torturing dogs and cats to death. While still alive, dogs and cats are burned, skinned, and boiled. Many dogs are staked to the ground and beaten to death. Dogs endure having their paws cleaved off with dull butcher knives. As this occurs, other dogs are forced to watch in terror as they await their cruel fates in overcrowded cages.

Tesla has the power to help end this cruelty by being a voice in the community. Many businesses have outreach programs to help the communities in which they do business. We are asking Tesla to have a voice in the country in which they are doing business, to give a voice to these helpless animals, and to set a standard of human conduct.

Please sign this petition to urge Tesla to publicly condemn the Yulin Festival and the dog and cat meat trade by contributing to local animal welfare organizations that are committed to fighting it. We also ask that they post the names of these organizations on the Tesla website. By publicly condemning these acts of cruelty and supporting local animal rights groups, Tesla will raise awareness about the festival and the cat and dog meat trade. In addition, they will send a clear message that this sadistic torture of animals should not be tolerated. In effect, they will become a part of the efforts to help end it.

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