Elon University Undergrads to a Pass/Fail grading system.

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Why should Elon students have to pay 45k a year,  for a degree similar that of the university of Phoenix, a much cheaper alternative? To switch to online classes, most likely the rest of spring semester, goes against Elon's teaching standard. These changes will drastically effect all of the students looking to find jobs, internships, and get a quality degree. Elon administration should move all grades to a pass/fail grading scale for Elon undergrads for the rest of the semester. We chose Elon for the small classes and specialized one on one hours that we can no longer take advantage of if we are online. It is not fair for us to see our grades suffer and a pass/fail grading system would prevent this. As a result, this would keep us on track for graduation, and set us up for success after graduation. Please strongly consider helping us fight unfair treatment because of an epidemic outside of our control.